I need to go home and eat something. I’m thinking grilled cheese sounds good right about now.

Halloween camp this year was very different from last year - mainly, I didn’t have a panic attack during the staff Thanksgiving dinner. I ate slightly more food than was probably necessary but the food was great and I was hungry and I just didn’t really care. I had turkey and stuffing and gravy and sweet potato and pumpkin pie and it was yummy and good and negative ED. 

I’m proud of myself. I struggled a lot in the last year, but I have made huge strides in the past few months. 


We know exactly how deep some injuries can go. But vulnerability isn’t the opposite of strength; it’s a necessary part.

We have to force ourselves to open up, to expose ourselves, to offer up everything we have. And just pray that it’s good enough.

Otherwise we’ll never succeed.

— Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy  (via comemorningslight)

Well, for being slightly drunk yesterday evening, I feel absolutely fine this morning. In fact, I feel incredibly awake and alert, haha.

There was a slightly sketchy hour at the bus depot in Vancouver where I was trying to sleep sprawled out on the floor and also got changed in the waiting area, but other than that (and the ridiculous amount of giggling and what I can only describe as random babbling), no problems. I got into Kelowna just after 7am and got to campus about forty minutes later. I’m basically just killing time until my world history lecture at 1030am. Then I get to go home, which will be wonderful because I need to shower and ditch my suitcase and also change because I am currently very much in “camp clothes” (super baggy sweats, fuzzy socks with hot pink crocs, camp shirt, camp sweater).

So, I’m just drinking a smoothie and relaxing. 

I think I’m drunk and I have to kill 90 minutes at the bus depot and then six-ish hours on the bus and there are no outlets here and my laptop is dead and my phone is at fourteen percent.

It rains in Vancouver.

I had forgotten how much it rains.

Weirdly missing Kelowna right now. It doesn’t really rain. Winter is miserable as fuck but fall is dry at least.

My mom and dad are taking a cute little trip to Cornwall and I am preparing to write the exam from hell. 

Commenting on the weather or? …okay I looked it up. Your team is called the Heat? Oh my gosh. That’s unfortunate :P

It’s actually so lame, I hate it. UBC-Van gets to be the Thunderbirds, which is cool. But the Heat? Nope. I was at the fitness centre a few times a couple years ago during basketball or volleyball games and we have two mascot people dressed up - one as a literal ball of flames, which is ugh, and one as the Ogopogo, which is cute. 

finding—freedom replied to your post “Pretty pumped that in less than twelve hours, I will be out of here…”

I am done on the 11th! I don’t know about you but it’s nearly a week earlier than last year yay!

Yeah, I am so happy about it! One of my profs was telling us that UBC decided to have the exam period finish on the 17th this year instead of the 22nd, which is amazing. I’m pumped to have a nice, almost long Christmas holiday this year. 

Anonymous asked:
"Where do you go to uni?"


Go Heat. 

Pretty pumped that in less than twelve hours, I will be out of here and at camp (in an awesome section and with a cabin in an awesome pod, yay me). I really need a few days away from life right now. School has been in for seven weeks and I’m just ready for a mental and physical break to get me through the next two months (because I am done exams on December 12th). 

Making grilled cheese sandwiches and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Perfect break from revising stupid terms about the stupid Middle East. 

Anonymous asked:
"So why did you want to do it at all? You could have spent a little on therapy for the rest of the year and then used it for rent when you first move and have no income or to put a deposit on your own place? I don't understand the point when you're just going to want that money back anyway and I doubt you will be selling the condo before you want to buy your own place?"

I honestly cannot imagine being in the position to be looking to buy property for myself for at least seven to ten years. Besides, now if I want to live in Vancouver and not at home with my family, I have a brand new, half a million dollar condo to live in.

I mean, it’s absolutely gorgeous. 

Decided a proper all nighter was a bad idea - so I slept for like five hours, woke up at 4am and have started working. Nearly finished my essay question outline and making good progress on reviewing terms. Taking a short break to do some cleaning!