Setting up my sisters iPod touch with apps and music for her trip to Orlando. I’m actually quite excited because I love doing stuff like this.

"Courage is grace under pressure."
— Ernest Hemingway (via wordsthat-speak)

One exam down, one more to go! Sitting at home in my new sweats and a comfy shirt watching Survivor and eating soup for dinner.

Also, my sister is going to cheerleading worlds and my parents are going to the summer house so I will have the house entirely to myself (plus Asia) for like 48 hours.

In addition to working out and cleaning (for that awkward period where school is done and I’m off work), I have decided I am also going to go and get a haircut. And get my eyebrows done. And I have a therapy appointment.

It’s almost like I’m planning on pretending to be a normal, functioning 23 year old for ten days.

On a totally irrelevant note - the pool is open again, just in time for my whole renewed workout phase when finals end.

Well, I successfully picked up some nice navy sweats and some more candy for camp. Ninety minutes until the exam, so time to review notes.

Also, fine tuning my excuse for why I can’t go on the Whistler staff trip. 

My exam is at 7pm tonight, so I’m thinking I’m going to get ready and leave somewhat soon-ish. That will give me enough time to stop at the bookstore and pick up a pair of sweatpants (I really just want navy blue UBC sweats to wear at work) and then find the building without stressing and just sit and review my notes. It has become plainly obvious that no reviewing will happen at home today.

Anonymous asked:
"Jesus you're lucky she was so good about it. With my Ritalin, I had to sign a sheet saying that I wouldn't give it to anyone, report it missing immediately blah blah but there was this whole thing about how I had to tell my dr or police if anyone was pressuring me for drugs. By the way you'd really hate them. It's actually considered normal to get panic attacks on them with almost every dose and also SEVERE mod swings/crashes as the drug wears off"

Yeah, she’s a pretty good friend. I think she’s pretty casual about the idea of people taking ADHD medication in general - she mentioned that her twin sister takes it to help her study for exams. I think she would have felt differently about the entire thing had she not known about any of the ED shit.

Either way, though, I’m pretty lucky because I really don’t need the side effects you mentioned - like panic attacks and mood swings. I also have a pretty addictive/obsessive personality and literally the last thing I need right now is some sort of addiction/dependency on ADHD medication.

I am like thoroughly impressed with myself that my breakfast is consisting of two cups of spinach, a banana, and frozen peaches. Like, way to start the day off on a great note by packing my breakfast with awesomely healthy ingredients.

Yay me!

Today seems like another “green smoothie in a mason jar” kind of day.

I am so incredibly happy that I’ve gotten my sleep schedule back on track. I’m not entirely sure what caused my minor bout of insomnia (my best guesses are either that it was starting meds or the whole not eating at camp thing that kind of screwed me over), but I am so freaking happy that it’s over. It was honestly such a miserable time because I wanted nothing more than to sleep through the night and just get a good night’s sleep, but my body just WOULD NOT let me sleep. Now I’m about a week into consistently going to bed between 11pm and 1230am and waking up around 8am in the morning. It’s working for me.

And to all of you guys who are dealing with insomnia (especially if you’re struggling with it for much longer than I had to) - you have my deepest sympathies because it really, truly does suck.